“Tota” (Flavio Rigatozzo) was born on February 8th 1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He discovered the Blues after his teens and embraced them as a way of life. Thus, he founded TOTABLUES together with his childhood friend and guitar player Martin J. Merino in 1994. TOTABLUES is a traditional “south-side sound” blues band which recreates the most traditional and authentic electric blues from the golden years of Chicago. Influenced by harmonica  players such as James Cotton, Sonny Boy Williamson or Jimmy Reed and great bluesmen like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf or Willie Dixon among others, TOTABLUES offers real, deep and true Blues for the most demanding fans of this genre.

Moreover, it must also be said that, apart from recreating and playing covers of Blues classics, TOTABLUES also has song of his own composition, true to the style.

With 25 years of career TOTA BLUES has taken part in several blues festivals in Spain and Argentina. Besides, it has also been the band of genuine Chicago bluesmen when they are on tour Spain or Europe. During the latest years, TOTA BLUES BAND has played with artists such as BOB MARGOLIN, BOB STROGER (on his Russian Tour), KENNY “BLUES BOSS” WAYNE, TAIL DRAGGER, BARRELHOUSE CHUCK, LOUISIANA RED, JAMES WHEELER .Apart from this, it has been the opening act in concerts of bluesmen like  PHIL GUY, DAVE MYERS, ARON BURTON, E.C. CAMPBELL and RAFUL NEAL, among others.

Nowadays, TOTABLUES members live in Barcelona, Spain.