TotaBlues & Poyo Moya

Cristian "Poyo" Moya is a great Argentine piano player who plays  many styles, all of them with great skill and passion. More than 30 years sittin’ at the front of a piano and more of 20 years like a professional Blues and Jazz piano player support his career.

TotaBlues is an harmonica player and Blues singer too. With more of 20 years of career has taken part in several blues festivals around Spain and Argentina. Besides, it has also been the band of genuine Chicago bluesmen when they are on tour around Spain or Europe. During the latest years, TOTA BLUES BAND has played with artists such as BOB MARGOLIN around Spain, BOB STROGER on his Russian Tour 2015, KENNY “BLUES BOSS” WAYNE, BARRELHOUSE CHUCK, LOUISIANA RED, JAMES WHEELER and others..

Together, they have formed a duo that runs the Blues across the map of the United States and along the time ... A trip from New Orleans, passing through the juke joints of the Mississippi,  crossing Memphis, St. Louis, to arrive to the Chicago Blues clubs..

Since Otis Spann, remembering Ray Charles to Johnnie Johnson ...

Blues, Gospel, some Jazz and something else....

TotaBlues and Poyo Moya have recordered on 2017 their first album: “Blues & more...”

Take a look at the new album

“Blues & more...” 

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